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It's the corpse of a dead soldier which is brought back to life in a dark way.
Class Defensive monster
Type Melee
Opposite Dwarf
Boss 1
Name Zombie Boss
Tier 1
Appear C 1-4
Boss 2
Name Axey
Tier 2
Appear C 1-6
Tier 1 Zombie
Tier 2 Mutated Zombie

The Zombie is a monster which is frequently encountered in the Sun Kingdom area.


When encountered, Zombies attack by scratching and occasionally use their special to bite any units to death. They have decent attack power and HP. However, due to their slow movement speed, they are easily countered by long ranged attacks. Several attacks from an Elf, Unicorn, or Wizard can defeat them fairly easily.



Their Bite special does only a small amount of damage, but has a chance to poison units. At Tier 2 the chance of poison increases.


  • In players' opinion, Zombies are considered one of the weakest monsters in Legendary Wars that continues to appear in later levels. Because of the short range of their attack and special, they are not much of a threat unless they get close enough.
  • In the game, they are also known as Deadwalkers.
  • A Mutant Zombie appears in 1-6 as the boss.
  • The Mutant Zombie in 1-6 is called 'Axey'.
  • Mutant Zombies have twice the attack of a normal zombie and about thrice the HP. Their special is the same as a zombie but stronger and have a higher chance to poison a unit. To defeat them, use a large number of archers or unicorns, since they is very slow and takes a long time for them to get close to a unit.
  • In Monster Wars, they can spit at units from a distance for their special instead of biting.
  • The zombie leader, Axey, seems to be much more sophisticated than any other zombie, as he speaks in full sentences, enriched with a large vocabulary. Other zombies just moan like braindead idiots.



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