Lwappicon200 December 1st, 2012
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Version 1.7 Version 2.0

Legendary Wars V1.7.7 is now available

  • New App icon!
  • Fixed the random non Reward Moonstone bug once you pass Normal difficulty. This stopped people to get infinite moonstones by Turning off the Device you are using..
  • Fixed the Phoenix Tier 4 upgrade bug that would not allow you to unlock the Legendary Bird
  • Increased lane size by 15% to spread units out across lanes.
  • Decreased loading time to Armory by adding stain glass windows and removing the background
  • Balanced Goregon in 4-6, Doubled the power of the Tier 4 Healer fairy, and fixed the charm bug for level 1-2.
  • Added tracking information for those experiencing crashing due to IOS 5 upgrade.
  • Free Moonstone as thank you for continued support :)


  • Bug: Felix spelbook will not get unlocked afther this level, you will also don't get the note that you unlock it.
  • Bug: Bat position and hit opportunities need to be checked, it sometimes looks like when you hit it, it will not get killed.

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