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LW Icon August 26, 2011
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Version 1.4.6 Version 1.5.1

  • New Awesome Arena mode! 10 more Moonstones to earn in 10 boss challenges. (4 more moonstones littered in campaign)
  • New healer unit joins the fight with 3 tiers to upgrade!
  • New Spider Queen, Abominable Snowbeast, and Imp monsters!
  • New Arena leader board!
  • New Spell Book with 5 upgradable magic spells!
  • New Monster Difficulty!: Hard
  • Miner is now recruited through the mine
  • added Miner starting Gem Stock upgrade.
  • Switching difficulty no longer starts you out at 1-1.


  • Glitch: An startup error, it simply crashed on the startup screen. The HD build got corrupted when being sent to Apple, also an tiny file was missing.
  • The Healer tier 3 armore you get for free for the Ipads that worked for that moment.
  • Moonstone glitch with wizard bonus modes finaly fixed.

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