LW Icon July 24, 2011
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Version 1.4.4 Version 1.4.6

Difficulty only looks at brand new games rather then your current saved game. So only new players will benefit for now. This is not how it was during testing and we are planning to do a quick fix and resubmit.

News: New Difficulty Switch in Main Menu options! Tap on difficulty to go back and play normal and hard!

  1. New Refer a Friend! Earn up to 9 Moonstones by Referring up to 3 friends using the New "Earn Moonstones Button" in Main menu.
  2. Fixed the Moonstone bug that caused bosses to randomly not drop Moonstones. Next wave will reward you lost Moonstones.
  3. Fixed the rotation bug. No animation instant rotation.
  4. Added intelligence AI to monsters in Endless Waves. Monsters will now avoid, chase you, or defend the castle!
  5. Fixed the endless cow boss bug.
  6. Fixed the bug that took you to the ending credits. If you skipped hard, simply switch the difficulty back.