LW Icon June 8, 2011
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Version 1.33 Version 1.4.1


  1. Free Gift for you as a special thanks for your great reviews and support!
  2. Tier 4 Legendary Armor is here! New unique powerful specials for each hero class! (Including multiple lane damage)
  3. All endless modes are now free and unlocked during the normal campaign.
  4. New Moonstone Challenges in endless modes - earn Moonstones by completing kill challenges in Modes.
  5. New form-up Group command button. Check level 1-6 for tutorial. This eliminates stacking and makes units easier to select.
  6. Increased Gem rewards for all battles by average of 25%. We doubled the gem reward for replays! Huge Gem bonus for completing the game and defeating bosses.
  7. Level names in World Map for easy level replays.
  8. Increase the size of buttons in Side Scrolling
  9. Decreased the price of Legendary Armor Tier 2 and 3 and added new IAP options.
  10. New tough spider monster "The Blood Widow"
  11. Fixed the user name bug that didn't save gems; Make sure you start a new user and only use english characters.
  12. Made 3-2 and 4-6 much easier in later difficulties.
  13. Lots of other bug fixes and balancing.

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