LW Icon February 18, 2011
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Version 1.1 Version 1.2.3

New things:

  1. New always visible group command buttons.
  2. Tap on any unit type and command all units of that type to attack/defend/retreat/form up- this makes formations a breeze.
  3. Separated lane selection and unit control. You can only select lanes using the drag arrow. This eliminates accidentally giving unit wrong order.
  4. Bigger arrow and touch area with new bright pulsating lane highlight.
  5. Killed the dreaded 3-6 - new level instead.
  6. Play any music from your library/pandora
  7. Backup defense- your units will call a friend nearby when defending and under attack.
  8. New tips in loading screen.
  9. Min 25-30% Improved loading on older devices.
  10. Fixed the tower elfy bug that some users were experiencing.
  11. Tapping or missing miners won't effect unit orders or lane selection!
  12. Swipe up and down to switch lanes
  13. More definition between lanes
  14. New unselect button next to group control
  15. Tons of balancing and minor bug fixes.