An fell days ago I finaly bought an new smartphone. Offcourse this gave me the opportunity to install the game again. I'm not sure this game still is played actively but I probaly will give it an try to update some of the content over here. I want to start slow since I just don't want to rush my experience. That's why I decide to start an feedback blog. On some part that might need some reballancing.

Units Feedback

The Knight

This is something you probaly already noticed before but their is an hugh function differents between an tier 1-3 Knight & an tier 4-5 Knight. Something that should be addressed patches ago.

Somersault is designed for 1 vs 1 combat but does his job way to effective when the defensive part falls off relative easy in the later stages of the game. With an full essences bar you can not only solo almost any target. You will also become an invincible tank what allows you backline to fire freely.

To address the issue I would suggest to:

  • Increase the cooldown between Somersault cast.
  • Provide an hidden passive that will give the Knight reduced damage for 5 seconds after every Somersault cast. This would bring out more counterplay & an better transition for the tier 4-5 Knight that will benefit from this passive an lot.

The Rogue Assassin

So far she's really fun to play but however I would like to see dealing it bonus damage on targets with low heal while using her special.

Tower Elves

So far I have an little issue with these kind of units since they are forcing you into the Elf tier upgrades. I would like to see this changed. The power of tower units should scale with "Castle Defense" and Tower Elfs should exist no more. Change them visualy into something else like human archers.

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