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Skully Archer
A tier 1 Skully Archer
Class Offensive monster
Type Long range
Opposite Elf
Tier 1 Skully Scout

Skully Archer is a monster that frequently occurs in the Sun Kingdom area and continues to appear in later areas. This is the player's main long ranged enemy unit. It is very weak in the first few levels, however it increases in strength as the player progresses.


When the player encounters them, Skully Archers attack with their arrows from a considerable distance and will occasionally use their special fire arrows to burn and destroy the player's units. They have low health and attack strength, but their long ranged attacks make them one of the more difficult enemies in the Sun Kingdom.


Skully Archers are offensive monsters and are able to upgrade their speed. They have similar stats to their opposite unit, the Elf. They have the same amount of speed as a Healer. All their other stats are the lowest of all units.


In Tier 1, it shoots a powerful fire arrow that causes fire damage to its target. People call this special "Flame Arrow".


  • Other names for Skully Archer are: Skully Scout, Scout, Bone Archer, Bone Scout, etc...
  • They use the same special as the Tower Elfys on the castle when they are on Tier 1.
  • A Tier 1 Skully Archer looks like a Skully with a bow and arrow.


  • A tier 1 Skully Archer
  • An flame arrow from his special



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Long range: Skully Archer

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