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A tier 1 Phoenix
Class Offensive unit
Type Melee, Mid range
Opposite Dragon
Name Enix
Tier 1
Unlock 5-2
Cost 200 gems
Recharge 180 sec
Tier 1 Basic phoenix
Tier 2 Bronze phoenix
Tier 3 Ash phoenix
Tier 4 Magma phoenix
Tier 5 Sun phoenix

The Phoenix is a flying unit and the most powerful unit on the player's side. It is a unit that the player will receive in the campaign, on 5-2. It costs 200 gems to summon one.


The Phoenix aggressively attacks with its claws in Tiers 1-2, and shoots fireballs out of its mouth at Tiers 3-4. At Tier 5, it shoots iceballs from its mouth. The Phoenix's attacks cause fire damage.


The Phoenix has very high HP, attack, speed, and defense, making it dangerous to enemies. The player can upgrade its stats in the Armory.


In Tiers 1-3, the phoenix swoops across the ground, engulfed in fire, damaging multiple enemies.


The tier 4 phoenix, starting its explosion special.

In Tier 4, the Phoenix explodes into a fireball and resurrect, like a real Phoenix to be reborn from its ashes, causing massive damage to all three rows.

In Tier 5, the Tier 4 special gets slightly updated: the Phoenix will explode into a huge iceball causing enormous damage to all three rows.


  • Because the Phoenix can fly, it will not be affected by the fire in Magma Mountain, the swamps in the Valley of the Myst, the Quicksand in Desert Oasis, or the river in the Sun Kingdom.
  • The main Phoenix is Enix, the legendary Phoenix that destroyed Lord Magma in the Monster Wars, and is resurrected by fusing the sunstones together.
  • Some people had a glitch where they can't buy phoenix tier 4 armor, known as "Lava Armor." This glitch has been corrected in Version 1.7.7
  • The last upgrade, Sun Phoenix, costs 9 gems, making the Phoenix the most expensive unit to upgrade.


  • Phoenix Tier 1
  • Phoenix Tier 2 (Bronze Phoenix)
  • Phoenix Tier 3 (Ash Phoenix)
  • Phoenix Tier 4 (Magma Phoenix)
  • Phoenix Tier 5 (Sun Phoenix)


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Passive: Miner

Melee: Knight · Dwarf · Golem · Centaur · Tree Sprite · Phoenix
Mid range: Faun · Rogue · Unicorn · Healer · Phoenix
Long range: Elf · Wizard
Summoned: Fairy

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