In legendary wars new armor the ice armor Only available in knighty, elfy, dwarf and unicorn only Their is a new world after the netherworld The new world is the demon heroes world 8-1 - 8-10 Holy ice armor Knighty tier 6 Icy sword it can only freeze weak monsters In special attack an icy cold lightning Elfy tier 6 Icy arrows it can freeze medium strong monsters and kill any monsters are weak one to three shots In special attack attack of tier 3 In cold form then tier 5 together Dwarfy tier 6 Icy axe can freeze every monster in frostborn and sun kingdom In special attack ice bomb can freeze anyone in sun kingdom and frostborn And the crypt Uni tier 6 it is a pegasus with ice power In special attackit is a super ice lightning you need the tier six and tier five to defeat the evil demons

Tier 6 Knight - icy sword - 6 moonstones Elfy - cold arrow - 6 moonstones Dwarfy - super freezer hammer - 7 moonstones Unicorn - blue rainbow - 8 moonstones

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