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Centaur tier 1
A tier 1 Centaur
Cost 85

The Centaur is a melee unit. It costs 85 gems to summon one.  You can first summon one on level

6-5, but you have to unlock them with 2 moonstones.


The Centaur is a half human, half horse creature. He's fast and a strong tanker. These are unicorns on steroids. Their spear throw special can go through multiple enemies in one row.


High hitpoints and speed is preset and he is fast and aggressive.


They throw a spear which can hit multiple enemies in the same row.

In tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 the Centaur throws a spear that does a massive amount of damage.

in tier 2 it pushes the enemy to the other end of the battlefield.

In tier 4 and tier 5 the spear goes though muitiple enemy depending on its tier.

Tier 4 spear goes though one enemy before exploding.

Tier 5 spear goes though two enemy before exploding.

If a tier 4 or 5 centaur uses its special attack on a castle, it will be destroyed immediately, making it very useful for taking down the castle while your other units detract the monsters/mini-boss for a short while.


  • The centaur was born in an art contest. The unit of the first place winner (Nour) would come Legendary Wars 2.0. It turned out to be the Centaur.
  • For the moment all the information we get from Liv Games is that this would be a melee unit with a ranged special. He would be listed above the unicorn. So his gem price would probably be higher than 50 gems (probably 85). It's not confirmed yet if he is an offensive or defensive unit. Most likely he would be offensive.
  • He currently doesn't have an opposite monster. There is currently no one with similar powers.


  • Concept Art 1
  • Concept Art 2
  • Concept Art 3
  • Centaur tier 1
  • Centaur tier 2
  • Centaur tier 3
  • Centaur tier 4
  • Centaur tier 5

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Passive: Miner

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Mid range: Faun · Rogue · Unicorn · Healer · Phoenix
Long range: Elf · Wizard
Summoned: Fairy