• 1-1: Tutorial
  • 1-2: Wave - Skully Boss
  • 1-3: Castle Wave
  • 1-4: Wave - Zombie Boss
  • 1-5: Side Scrolling
  • 1-6: Wave - Mutated Zombie
  • 1-7: Boss Wave - Funny Bones
  • 1-8: Side Scrolling
  • 1-9: Hero Wave
  • 1-10: Guardian Wave

Kingdom of the Sun

In this level you learn the starting controls like how to move, attack, collect essence and use special attacks. You will also battle the Skully Boss.


Defend in the Night

In this level you learn how to summon units, train Miners, collect gems, summon units, use selection attacks, and switch lines. You will also battle the Skully Boss.


Attack in the Day

In this level you get some tips on how to increase your gem income, summon units on multiple lines. You will also learn some more advanced controls like how to work with the Forward Arrow, Shield and Back Arrow and destroying a castle.



In this level you get your second unit: the Elf. You will learn how to work with the Tower Elfs and how to work with the Group Command button, as well as how to unselect units. You will also battle the first zombie boss.


Battle at Elfy Woods

In this level you do you first side scrolling with Strider the elf prince. You also will unlock the Rain of Arrows spell.

Rewards: 100 gems (normal), Rain of Arrows spell

Royal Elfy Legion

  • Level: 1-6
  • Style: Boss Wave (incoming)
  • Units: Miner, ...
  • Monsters:


Funny Bones

  • Level: 1-7
  • Style:Boss Fight
  • Units:Knights, Elves
  • Monsters:Skully, Skully Archers, Funny Bones


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