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Funny Bones
Area Sun Kingdom
Knight, Elf


The player will face numerous enemies and eventually have to fight the Skully boss, Funny Bones.


  • Monsters:
  • Boss: Funny Bones


For your first victory you are rewarded with 400 gems and 1 moonstone. Later tries produce ? gems each.


You'll Need
Normal Hard Legendary
Knight Tier 1 Tier 1-2 Tier 2-3
Elf Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Essences Meter 1st Upgrade 2th Upgrade 3th Upgrade
Initial Essences 1st Upgrade 2th Upgrade 3th Upgrade


Build up an army of Elfys until you have 3 in every row. These Elfys should be able to insta-kill any incoming enemies. You can use the stock-up strategy here by pressing the shield button every time you summon an Elf. Than build up an army of Knights and press the forward arrow. When your units have crossed half the map, halt your Elves and continue with your Knights until you reach Funny Bones. Take control of 1 Knight and continue spamming his special on Funny Bones. If your essence meter is high enough, this would make a quick death for Funny Bones and give you victory.

Extra Information

This is only the most common strategy. Sun Kingdom is only an intro world and victory is usually easy with any unit. Tier 4 or 5 units would make an instant victory even on Legendary difficulty.


  • You can solo Funny Bones with a tier 5 Elf special. Funny Bones is really sensitive to the stun status. If you can keep him stunned there is no way he can use his annoying special. This strategy also works with a tier 4 Elf and some backup units.

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